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West Nipissing Police Services Board MEDIA RELEASE - 2017-12-05


The West Nipissing Police Services Board engaged a research group, Oraclepoll Research to poll the residents of West Nipissing with respect to the police costing process. The report was presented to Municipal Council on December 5th 2017.

In summary, survey results reveal mixed opinions from residents. While a 57% majority support the decision to at least explore the comparison of policing costs – slightly more than half or 51% prefer the continuation of the existing service model. Residents backing the OPP only number 26%, as almost one-quarter are unsure.

Many either do not know or have no opinion on either the benefits or concerns with moving to the OPP. Those in support tended to name cost savings as merits, while detractors cited a loss of community policing or questioned the cost savings.

While almost evenly split on wanting to have a say in the decision-making process, a clear majority would like the issue debated in a referendum. In addition, support for building a new eight-million-dollar facility is low. Finally, regardless of their stand, there is not a sense that there will be a deterioration of policing service under the OPP.

The report can be downloaded for your review.

Barry Bertrand - Chair

Oraclepoll Research - West Nipissing Police Service Report - Download

December 5th 2017 Media Release from Board - Download

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