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Vulnerable Persons Registration

We offer this voluntary Vulnerable Persons Registry for families and caregivers of persons living with:

  • autism;
  • Alzheimer's disease or other dementia;
  • an acquired brain injury; or
  • an intellectual disability.

By registering a vulnerable person, you will grant the West Nipissing Police Service the ability to quickly access critical information about the person's description, routines, medical needs, favourite attractions, special needs and emergency contact information. The data collected will be entered into a secure database. Should an emergency situation arise regarding the registered vulnerable person, the West Nipissing Police Service will also be able to share this information with other police partners and emergency personnel.

It is important to note that the database is accessible to police across the country, giving you peace of mind should you travel with the vulnerable person outside of the West Nipissing area.

Click here to register ONLINE

Click here for a PRINTABLE REGISTRATION FORM that you can complete by hand (PDF copy)

After you complete the online registration, the West Nipissing Police Service will confirm receipt of your application and will provide you with an occurrence number. In the future, please quote this unique occurrence number to the West Nipissing Police Service when contacting us to update your information, to cancel your registration, or for any other request for police service.

Please renew the information once per year.

We ask that you help us maintain the most current and accurate records possible, by re-registering the registered person once per year, during the month of his/her birthday. This may include submitting an updated photograph as well.

We thank you for helping us keep vulnerable persons safe by participating in this community-based policing initiative.

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